Update on Peil Creek from Lucy Klug on January 8, 2013

Yesterday, I visited 4 sites along Peil Creek. I took water temps and photos at 2 sites. I observed that since Dec. 27, the water level has dropped, since the ice along the banks is a bit above the current water level.

The bubbling pool is frozen (photo # 1 ) . Perhaps the shallow springs that feed it are not active enough to keep it open. Last year at this time, this pool was open and the water was 44 F.
Yesterday’s temps at 2 sites: 2:00pm, Air 37.6 F, Creek 42.3 F; 2:30 pm, Air 32.8 F, Creek 41.8 F.
Note: The air temp varies considerably even in summer, between the open wetland and the forested wetland.
My visits to the creek are always interesting !
Happy New Year.
Peil_Creek_1   Peil_Creek_2