Planting Bulrushes – July 2014

In late July, Paul Mahlberg coordinated the planting of bulrushes, thanks to volunteers around the lake. The bulrush project is part of the DNR Grant and volunteer hours are part of our commitment. The benefits of the bulrushes including providing habitat and food for many kinds of aquatic life, preventing shoreline erosion and helping with water clarify (See Education Paper #4 in our Learning Center). Plantings took place around the lake in a variety of bottom conditions including marl, sand and rock at approximately 6″ and 12″ water depth. The volunteers will monitor the progress of the plants for future reference.

Paul bulrush cropped   Planting bulrushes(2)

Photos of Paul Mahlberg planting bulrushes on the west shore and Howard Williamson and Paul planting bulrushes on the east shore.

Photos submitted by Patty Williamson and Jennifer Ikeda.