2015 Door County Festival of Nature

As part of the Door County Festival of Nature celebrated over Memorial Day weekend, Tom Schneider led two tours involving 13 participants to inspect and learn about the new “Fish Sticks” that were installed over the winter. Over the 75 minute gatherings, participants learned about how our KLA and The Nature Conservancy volunteers started and will continue to place significantly more trees on the shoreline of Kangaroo Lake as more lake property owners come to know the positive effects this strategy produces on the eco-system of our lake.

If you might be interested in placing a tree on your property, contact Tom Schneider.

Festival of Nature 2015   Festival of Nature 2015a

Photos of Festival of Nature Participants submitted by Tom Schneider

Also as part of the Festival of Nature, Paul and Marilyn Mahlberg led a hike on Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24 in The Ridges Sanctuary, Logan Creek Park. The hikes lasted about 2 hours, going up and down through several different ecosystems. Each ecosystem displayed different trees and wild flowers, continually bringing interest to the hike. The hike also included a side trip to Clark Lake, which receives its water from Logan Creek.

Logan Creek Park is open to the public and can be found just southeast of Mr. G’s Supper Club.

There are many hikes at The Ridges, including guided hikes during the Festival of Nature Their new building (north of Baileys Harbor) will be open to the public on June 13. Go and visit it; while there, join The Ridges, to support its unique ecosystems and programs. They hold a range  of programs for children (or grandchildren) and, of course, adults.