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THE WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES (DNR) is the state governmental unit that oversees and protects our natural resources. Boating regulations for our lake are stated in the WI Boating Regulations and Handbook available at the Baileys Harbor Marina, and sport stores. Various licenses are available there also. The DNR education program helps us to understand and appreciate our natural resources and the regulations needed to protect those resources. A DNR warden oversees our lake.

THE DOOR COUNTY LAND TRUST (DCLT) is a local non-profit organization dedicated to protecting properties for conservation purposes. These properties, among the 6,500 acres it now protects, include thirteen Nature Preserves in Door County that are open for all of us to visit and enjoy. The Kangaroo Lake Nature Preserve and Heins Creek Nature Preserve, at the north and south end of our lake respectively, were acquired through its efforts and those of its members. The Land Trust can help you preserve and plan the future of your property.

THE WISCONSIN LAKES (WL) is a statewide, non-profit organization for Wisconsin lakes. All lake groups, Associations and Districts, are encouraged to join it to enhance communications with other state organizations, such as the WI Department of Natural Resources (DNR), that are dedicated to developing constructive policies for lake protection and management. The Wisconsin Lakes organization, of which we are a member, interacts with the DNR and state legislature for intercommunication and development of policies that affect our lakes.

THE RIDGES SANCTUARY (TRS) is a non-profit organization on 1,600 acres along a Lake Michigan bay in Baileys Harbor. This bay is well known for its unique development of a series of ridges and swales formed by the lake during its periodic cycling of water level over thousands of years. An abundance of native wildflowers, especially numerous orchids, grow in this natural area. It includes two of the last remaining Rangelights in the state. The Ridges Sanctuary was the first sanctuary recognized by the state of Wisconsin.

THE NATURE CONSERVANCY (TNC) is a non-profit conservation organization working to protect wild places and wildlife in Door County. These areas, now over 6,490 acres in our county, include unique wetlands that harbor, for example, the federally protected Hine's emerald dragonfly, rare plants in boreal forests such as at the Nature Conservancy's preserve at the north end of Kangaroo Lake, and Meissner Preserve, the headwaters of Kangaroo Lake. Most of these areas are open for you to visit and enjoy.

THE CLEARING FOLK SCHOOL is a folk school founded in 1935 by landscape architect Jens Jensen. This "school of the soil" is nestled within 128 acres of Door County forests and meadows and overlooks the dramatic Green Bay shoreline. It was built as a place where ordinary people could, as the name implies, "clear one’s mind" by reconnecting with nature and with one another.

CLARK LAKE ADVANCEMENT ASSOCIATION (CLAA), our sister lake, promotes activities similar to ours. These can be seen on their web site. It has similar lake problems to ours, such as loss of bulrushes and native aquatic plants due to improper motorcraft operation, established slow no-wake areas to protect native aquatic plants and animals, contains and is trying to control invasive Eurasian Water-milfoil and Zebra mussels, and working to manage other lake problems. Their leadership includes very dynamic members making the effort to improve their lake. We are promoting a collaborative effort with them to enhance the qualities of both lakes.