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Kangaroo Lake Association's Annual Meeting is scheduled to be held on August 6, 2022
The KLA Annual Picnic will be on Saturday, August 6th - starting at Noon.
Swimmer’s Itch has occurred sporadically in Kangaroo Lake for years.

Welcome to Kangaroo Lake Association

Welcome to our Kangaroo Lake Association’s website. Kangaroo Lake is a treasured gift of nature and we welcome all and hope you can learn more about enjoying this gift as we strive to become even better stewards of this jewel on Wisconsin’s Door County peninsula. Additionally, our members can access more detailed information about membership topics under the Members page.

Purpose, Mission, and Vision of the Kangaroo Lake Association (KLA)

The mission and purpose of the Kangaroo Lake Association (according to our by-laws) is to “preserve and protect Kangaroo Lake and its surroundings and to enhance the water quality, fishery, boating safety and aesthetic values of Kangaroo Lake, as a natural resource and as a public recreational facility for today and for future generations.”

We encourage you to explore our website thoroughly. Since the 1920’s, many volunteers have cared for our beautiful lake. Past, present, and hopefully future volunteers and residents have passionately lived this mission of our membership association. Read about our history; learn about our lake’s eco-system; explore ways we all contribute to preserve and  improve the quality of the water and all of the wildlife Kangaroo Lake supports.

Our KLA has a strong membership with over 167 member households. We strive to improve the involvement and engagement of our members and neighbors that are part of the community that surrounds Kangaroo Lake. We invite anyone who owns property within one mile of Kangaroo Lake to consider joining our association as we together strive to live our mission.

Facts about Kangaroo Lake

Kangaroo Lake is the largest lake in Door County, Wisconsin. Kangaroo Lake is located in the towns of Baileys Harbor and Jacksonport on the “lake” side of the peninsula, 20 miles north of Sturgeon Bay.

  • Kangaroo lake is a very shallow lake

  • Average depth of lake:  6 feet

  • Maximum depth:  a small area of 12 feet. Note that the depth of the YMCA swimming pool is 13 feet

  • Area of the Lake:  1,122.5 acres 1,138.6 including island

  • Length of Shoreline: 9.35 miles

  • Area of lake under 3 feet:  23%

  • Native fish to the lake include perch, bluegill, rock bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye pike, bullhead, dogfish, garfish, and minnows.

  • Peil Creek water flows into the lake;  water flows out of the lake into Heins Creek

  • Kangaroo Lake dam (spillway that is not controlled) was built in 1937 by the W.P.A.

Learning about the lake’s shores and shallows areas including rock piles is encouraged for all, but especially visitors. On the “Boating”, “Explore”, and “Learning” pages of this website, find maps and more detailed information that will assist those who are boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, and other outdoor adventuring.