Shoreland Zoning Restrictions Law Opposed

On June 15, 2015, KLA’s representative, Wisconsin Lakes, sent a letter to Wisconsin’s Joint Finance Committee and the Legislature in opposition to the shoreland zoning restriction inserted into the state budget proposal. There were 59 lake and river associations and 32 counties including Door County, that sent the strong message: Don’t do it! Don’t insert this major change into the budget bill without public input because it has nothing to do with the state budget. This shouldn’t be the way we do the peoples’ business in Wisconsin. Motion #520 was included in the budget bill. Our state Assembly and Senate passed the bill and it was signed into law by the governor.

For almost 4 decades, the system of county-determined standards that could exceed the minimum state standards, worked for 30 counties and has served Wisconsin lakes very well protecting our lakes, shorelines, rivers, and streams.

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We encourage members to contact your representatives and inform them that “this isn’t the way we should do the peoples’ business in the State of Wisconsin.”