Kangaroo Lake


KL Nature Preserve

Exploring the Kangaroo Lake Area

There are as many ways to explore Kangaroo Lake as there are people who visit it!

Exploring the Land

Hiking In Our Lake Area

THERE are several nature preserves around Kangaroo Lake that offer you opportunities for your outdoor activities and that showcase the scenic beauty and natural diversity of our Kangaroo Lake area. There are abundant wildflowers in these preserves.  A useful wildflower guide is, Wildflowers of Door County, Wisconsin’s Unique Floral Preserve, by Paul and Marilyn Mahlberg. You can enjoy the wonders of our area throughout the year with hiking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing for wildlife observations, photography and other low-impact outdoor activities. Kindly keep to the trails during hiking so as to leave the forest ground cover with its wildflowers undisturbed. No motorized vehicles or horses are permitted in these natural areas. These preserves have parking areas, information kiosks and marked trails. They are rustic sites. There typically are no restrooms, trash receptacles or drinking water.

Other ways to explore the land around Kangaroo Lake:
  • Bird watching or biking the surrounding areas;
  • Jogging, running, or walking (Approximately 10 miles around the lake);
  • Searching for wildflowers, see “Wildflowers of Door County;”
  • Searching for rare insects;
  • Snowmobiling or Snow Shoeing;
  • Photography:  sunrises , sunsets, birds, wildflowers, rare insects, animals and wildlife.

If you have photo’s you’d like to share for our Photo Gallery, send them to: Pres@KangarooLake.org

Exploring the Lake

North End Gem

The north end of Kangaroo Lake has been designated as a ‘Gem’ in the State of Wisconsin. Read an article about Kangaroo Lake’s North End.