Annual Picnic – August 7, 2021

The KLA Annual Picnic will be on Saturday, August 7th – starting at Noon.

Where: Coyote Roadhouse—3026 County E, Baileys Harbor. Extra parking will be available on Wallaby Lane, just west of the Coyote.
Third Time’s a Charm! 2019 – The Rainout; 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19; 2021 – Finally, the real deal!
Here’s the meal that will be served on the lawn by the lake: Hamburgers, brats, potato salad, corn, slaw, baked beans, dessert, iced tea and lemonade.
Extra parking will be available on Wallaby Lane, just west of the Coyote.
FREE FOR UP TO TWO people per KLA membership. $10 for non-members ages 10 and above, if accompanied by KLA members.

Call Howard Williamson, 920-839-9193.
If there’s no answer, leave information as per message. Or email [email protected] with ALL this information:
1.) The first & last names of up to 2 members who will attend free. 
2.) The names of ALL members’ guests, noting those ten and older, for which the cost will be $10 each, to be paid when you arrive. 3.) A phone number in case we need to contact you.

Please bring your favorite yard game to the picnic. If you’re willing to help for a bit at the KLA picnic on Aug. 7, please let Howard Williamson know as soon as possible: [email protected]. These are the positions we need to fill:

  • Two or three people to help set up (arrive about 11:15)
  • Two people to direct cars to parking areas (arrive at 11:30)
  • Two people to take meal tickets and hand out plates (will work
  • different shifts, so neither will miss eating with the group)
  • Three or four people to sell raffle tickets periodically (noon to 2:30)
  • Two or three people to help pack up at the end of the picnic

Kids’ Fishing Derby – June 2021

KLA Kids’ Fishing Derby.

Calling all anglers!  The Kangaroo Lake Association is sponsoring a Fishing Derby!

Kids and grandkids whose families are members of the Kangaroo Lake Association are invited to participate in a fishing derby throughout the month of June. Categories are: ages 6 and under, ages 7- 11 and ages 12-16.

Click here for more Info and Entry Form.

Fish Study Presentation

At this year’s membership meeting, held via Zoom on Saturday, August 8th, 2020, Nick Legler (Fisheries Biologist @Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources) provided the results of the 2018 comprehensive fisheries survey conducted by the Wisconsin DNR on Kangaroo Lake.  The survey was designed to document and characterize the fish populations of the lake and to give a picture of the status of those populations.  The survey also allows for the creation of recommendations that help maintain, restore or enhance fish populations and habitat within Kangaroo Lake.  Nick shared with us significant findings and observations obtained during the survey and subsequent analysis of the data by Wisconsin DNR staff, as well as recommendations spurred by those findings. Click here to watch Nick’s Video report. Here is a video of the the Q&A following Nick’s presentation. Nick also provided written follow-up answers. Nick passed along the DNR’s brochure on Shoreline Habitat.

For more information on KLA’s past and future efforts on Fish Management click here.

Swimmer’s Itch ??

Swimmer’s Itch has occurred sporadically in Kangaroo Lake for years. Click here for the WI DNR link on the topic.

Have you or your children developed a red pimple-like itchy rash soon after swimming in our lake? If you have, please take a moment to let us know it’s around again. We would like monitor the prevalence of the Itch, in order to determine if we need to pursue any further action. Please help us out by using the following form to let us know when and where it is occurring this year. Thank you!

Swimmer's Itch Case Report

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Kangaroo Lake Earn High Marks with KLA Help

Written by Jim Lundstrom of the Peninsula Pulse Newspaper.

Fans of Kangaroo Lake had two great pieces of news at the annual meeting of the Kangaroo Lake Association at Baileys Harbor Town Hall July 7.

  1. It is in excellent health for a shallow lowland drainage lake.
  2. The Kangaroo Lake Association (KLA) is partly responsible for that healthy status, and the organization is considered the “gold standard” among lake associations in the state.

Read more here: Peninsula Pulse Article.

Keep Our Lake Healthy – Inspect, Remove, Drain, Never Move!

Submitted by: John Leach

Aquatic Invasive Species educational outreach video.

Inspect, Remove, Drain, Never Move!

Brought to you by Washington and Waukesha Counties. We do not own anything but the video clips used in this video. Rights go to the official holders to the copyrights. No copyright infringement intended. Used strictly educational and entertainment purposes.

KLA is on Facebook

Author: Nari Haig

The Kangaroo Lake Association now has an active Facebook group page!

This is wonderful news for those homeowners on the lake who want up-to-the-minute information.  While this page does not replace the KLA website; it is just another platform for which information can be passed along, albeit in a much timelier fashion.  It’s the place where you discover someone’s sighting of a special bird, or even a grandchild’s first fish catch. Or, a bit of lake reminiscing. For those of you not familiar with Facebook, just consider it to be a river of information that you dipstick into when you log in. It’s an easy way to post a lost-and-found photo of a random canoe paddle or lake toy that washed up on your shoreline from a recent storm. Folks who aren’t at the lake will enjoy the pulse of activity when others share their observations. Because posts are monitored, we will adhere to our policy of deleting comments that are political in nature or not family friendly. A clear code of conduct is posted in the group. Let’s keep this fun and lighthearted! Join our group today by logging into and searching for “Kangaroo Lake Association”.

2018 Fish Stick Installation

Author: Tom Schneider

Kangaroo Lake: “Guys on Ice IV”





The Kangaroo Lake Association(KLA) and The Nature Conservancy(TNC) continued their “Fish Stick Partnership” on February 17, 2018 in Door County. “Fish Sticks,” are woody habitat structures that utilize whole cut live trees grouped together and secured to the shoreline, helping to restore shoreline habitat. This fish and wildlife habitat WDNR best practice creates food, shelter, and breeding areas for all sorts of creaures from small aquatic insets, frogs, fish, turtles, ducks, and songbirds.

Thanks to funding this year by the Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership, our four-year efforts continued placing 23 more trees that are 35′-55′ in length. The Nature Conservancy owns land on Kangaroo Lake and needs to “thin” their forest area. Both organizations want to improve the woody habitat on the shoreline thus creating this ideal “win-win” opporunity. Most of the trees were Norway Spruce and Red Pine trees.

We reached a milestone in 2018 having placed our 100th tree in four years. We now have 28 “hosts” with 5 sites having multiple 3-tree complexes. The ice and weather conditions were perfect for our 18 volunteers who placed and secured the trees manually on the shoreline. A truck drags the trees to our various locations around the lake. Ninety (90%) percent of the life in a lake has its origins on the shoreline.

Here are a couple articles in the local paper on this year’s efforts: DC Pulse – December 15, 2017 and  DC Pulse – March 2, 2018

For more information, contact Tom Schneider, Kangaroo Lake Association ([email protected])
608-217-9460 or TNC’s Mike Grimm, Conservation Ecologist ([email protected]) 920-743-8695.